Simple python logging module wrapper

Simple python logging module wrapper that can be inherited to the class or can be used as a standalone. This logging wrapper supports logging level of INFO, ERROR and DEBUG with option to print to CONSOLE, FILE , BOTH and NONE.  git pull from mlogger repo.

Following is an example

# Inherited to Class
class tester(MLOGGER):
    def __init__(self):
        MLOGGER.__init__(self,'test',logtype='NONE', filename = 'mylogg.log')
    def testmethod(self):
        self.error('error test')
        self.debug('debug test')
        self.warn('warn test')'info test')

t = tester()

# As Standalone
logger= MLOGGER('Test', level=INFO, logtype = 'CONSOLE', filename = 'mylog.log')
logger.debug('debug test')'info test')
logger.warn('warn test')
logger.error('error test')